Our story...

Started in 2019 our tiny vision of highest quality furniture grew and became our biggest passion, to offer your baby the best start in its life! We embarked on a journey to craft a legacy of excellence in baby´s and children´s furniture. Our commitment to quality, functionality and design drives every piece we create. At LUI e LEI - Interiors, we believe that a child´s world should be filled with comfort, imaginationa and saftey. With this focus we meticulously design and manufacture furniture that goes beyond being just funtional - it becomes an essential part of your child´s growth and happiness.
From cribs that cradle your newborn in the gentlest embrace to versatile furnishings that adapt to your child´s evolving needs, we understand that every piece is not just furniture, but a part of a family´s journey. Our passion for creating safe, stylish and durable furniture has earned us the trust and loyality of countless families. We take pride in every smiling  child who sleeps peacefully in our cribs, every young mind that explores the world form our desks and every bit of magic our furniture bring into homes.
Experience the essence of LUI e LEI - Interiors, where your story blends with ours to shape the most beautiful chapters in childhood!